When you need a new website you have to rely on web development and web design companies to do the job. Different companies have different kinds of skills and expertise when it comes to developing your website and the result may vary depending on the company you choose to deal with.

Web Development and Web Design

First, you need to know that web development is different than web design, as web developers work on the back end of the website, while web designers work on the front end. However, those two professions should work closely to generate a good website.

Before choosing your developer, you can check the websites they have already worked on to see if their skills are what you are looking for. You should clearly communicate your needs and wants with them in order for them to understand what has to be done in the web development, that fits your brand image and conveys the message you want.

When working on your website, web developers should make sure that navigation is made easy on the different pages of the site, for consumers to have an easy time while browsing the pages. The links present should refer to the right pages and the content should be meaningful. Users should be able to quickly find what they are looking for.

Giving your brand its best chances can’t be done if the website isn’t prepared for search engine optimization, considering its loading speed, its adaptability to different browsers and devices, the inbound and outbound links that refer to it, and the titles and keywords used.

Finally comes the role of the web designer who is responsible for what you see when you open the website in terms of images, the choice of colors, and the fonts used that should appeal to the viewers while representing the codes of the brand.