Before the existence of computerized data, decision-making was very difficult to lead to optimal results because of the lack of all the necessary information to make an accurate decision while relying on data management. With the evolution of time, new technology and software emerged making data stored in computers available for use in the decision-making process where informed decisions started taking place minimizing the degree of speculation because of the availability of data analysis.

The use of data stored in a database is nowadays highly relied on in the online marketing process whether when running social media marketing campaigns on social networks or when placing online advertisements on search engines for website ranking purposes. For instance, data technology helps social media algorithms understand which people would be interested in viewing or interacting with an Ad which would help the social media network deliver the Ad to the right audience, giving it its best possible chances to reach the desired results set by the social media management team. The desired results could vary from reach where the Ad is delivered to a maximum number of people or awareness where the Ad can be shown to the same person more than once in order to have a greater impact on his future related decisions or engagement where online surfers are invited to interact with the Ad based on their previous interaction and saved preferences which would give the brand behind it more social proof. Data is also useful in social media marketing and in displaying online Ads to the right audience because it embeds information stored in a database about each online surfer concerning his age, geographical location, gender, interests, and browsing history, which would make the data management and data analysis process easy.

On the other hand, online marketing doesn’t limit to social media marketing that relies on data management but also extends to search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing, and display Ads. When running display Ads campaigns, data analysis is as useful as in social media marketing in targeting the right audience. When it comes to search engine optimization and search engine marketing, data management is useful to indicate to the search engine what are the relevant keywords in a website that point that the content corresponds to a user’s search query. In email marketing, data stored in a database is useful to indicate to the data network which emails can be considered primary, social, promotions, or spam.

The use of data does not limit to making social media marketing campaigns and online advertisements successful but also extends to offline marketing where targeting customers is made based on clear insights generated by collected data. Finally, many other areas rely on data science such as areas related to decision making in the finance field or areas related to artificial intelligence.