Strategic Services

Strategical HR Services is a process of developing, retaining, attracting, rewarding employees for their prosperity as individual’s as well as of the entire organization. HR department expert interacts with different departments of the organization to establish unique strategies that meet the objectives of the company. As a result, Strategical HR services provide new opportunities, utilize talents, make departments even stronger in an effective manner.
Organizational Design & Structure

Sets business strategies, gather data to assess current structure, develop formats, and implement it.

Job Analysis & Job Description

Identify objectives, communicate the process, gather data, identify recommendations & review the jobs.

Job Evaluation

Review & update job after analyzing, solve issues, develop job structure, and the best candidates for the job.

HR Policies & Procedures

Sets the objectives of the company, makes policies for employees, and coordinate the entire organization.

Grade & Salary Structure

Follows the client’s philosophy, organize the levels of job, conduct research, and determines the updating process.

Talent Acquisition Services

Talent Acquisition Services enables customized recruitment strategies for the organizations at any specific position. It includes developing a comprehensive strategy, research posting options, manage to post, creates posting, conduct interviews, and manage candidate communication. Reference checks, hiring process, screen resumes, updates of hiring, provides notification to the candidates, and so on.
Contingency Recruitment

Shortlist's best candidates of the vacancies get all the details and provide the top 3 candidates to the organization.

Executive Search

Recruit required administration; connects the candidate to the client after selecting the top 3 executives.

Operational Services

Operational HR Services are activities that focus on typical and tactical visions. It deals with functional areas which are labor and employee relation, benefits, compensation, safety, training, development, selection, and recruitments. Further, it includes scheduling employees for orientation, delivering it, training, assigning job tasks. In short, every activity that provides development and training is part of operational services.
Manpower Planning

Analyze current inventory, objective, forecast demand, formulate a plan, implement, and maintain the feedback.

Performance Management

Develops a mission, set priorities and goals, look for performance, and aims to target the best possible results.

Training & Development

Evaluate system requirements, develop plans, build an agenda, and monitor quality & feedback for improvement.

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Investigates overall issues, prepare for worst scenarios, evaluate other similar issues, and to change set-up.

Payroll Management

Manage all effective information of employees such as leaves, generates pay-slips, salary structure & payroll, etc.

HR Technology

Select suitable HRMS that are customized & integrated, cost & time effective, and provides supports in usage.