Market Research

Strategic Marketing Plan

Creative Vision is a Marketing Management Consultancy that cooperates with you to create top Marketing strategies for your business. We will provide you with comprehensive ideas and proposals to meet your marketing goals on all platforms. You will be benefiting from our advanced Market Research techniques that will serve the needs of your business and allow you to increase your revenue.

Aims and strategies

Our process of strategic marketing would determine aims and strategies based on the availability of resources, production, and development factors. Our team will ensure that a practical policy is designed to achieve your desired results in an appropriate period of time.

Marketing Consultancy

To make sure that our clients make informed decisions regarding their digital marketing strategy, we offer them the best consultancy through our skilled and professional consultants.

Marketing Reports

Our marketing services include detailed and personalized financial and analytical reports about your business performance to help you formulate the next marketing strategy.

Product Placement & Development.

Product placement is an ideal Marketing technique to promote your brand image and create awareness on several distinct platforms. It enables the incorporation of ideas through tools of advertisements that result in a larger audience for your business. Our team is well-equipped to assist you in conducting product placement and development for your business ideas..

Media platforms

Product placement in TV shows, media setups, and movies can increase the viewership of your audience, leading towards the growth of your business.

Important connections

Our services will offer you the chance to build connections with diverse workplaces and occupational setups for development purposes.

SWOT Analysis

Creative Vision uses strategic tactics among its business management advisory services in Dubai to improve the business marketing of your company. We use updated technologies to identify the strengths and weaknesses of any business marketing strategy. Through extensive data analysis, reporting, and collecting surveys, we will be able to find opportunities for improvement and recognize any threat that might cause harm to your company.

Enhanced planning

The SWOT analysis can benefit your marketing strategy in multiple ways. Through the knowledge of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to your business, we will launch an ideal plan to fulfill your marketing needs..

Competitive position

The SWOT analysis requires an assessment of the entire data provided by the company or organization. The data is used to get an overview of the company’s performance in the competitive business market.

Competitor Analysis

The analysis of current, past, and future competitors helps us to gain insight into the different methods of business Marketing. This also gives us the chance to discover any existing threats that a competitor might pose on your business’ improvement and growth. By conducting market research, and studying the strategies and success rates of the competitors’ business, we will be able to help you maintain a position in a dense market.

Identify Competitors

Builds understanding with a local, national, and international organization and their way of marketing.

Collecting competitor information

We will be collecting information from their website and social media platforms. Additionally, we will use public domains, financial reports, and company’s blogs to carry out an in-depth competitor analysis.

Comparing Competitors

Dig deeper to identify better understanding, compare them, and convert them into new opportunities.

Analyzing Competitors

To Keep analyzing the competitors continuously will enable us to develop further improvement in the development process.

Operating SME

The size or categorization of an organization as SME depends on the characteristics of the country.

Identify Weak Poles

Touching the weak poles allows gaining overall betterment in business and introduces further new ideas.

B2B Research

B2B research is a form of qualitative and quantitative market research in which the businesses are able to assess their partnership and collaborative work with other businesses. The research exhibits the increase in profits and provides an external perspective towards your business’ performance. It constitutes a fundamental part of investment advisory services.

Qualitative research

Qualitative market research is a resource through which clients and customers can give a broad overview of your services. They can share their feedback and send recommendations through which the B2B relationship can be managed and maintained.

Quantitative research

Quantitative market research includes short surveys or structured forms that can derive specific information from your customers. The format is more formal and gives you an external view of your performance as a business entity.

Consumer Research

The consumer Market Research is conducted to get an idea about the needs and wants of a targeted audience.

Collecting information

The information for consumer market research can be collected through customer surveys, on-page surveys, and polls on the website.

Conversion rates

Most of the technical workers, including copywriters, graphic designers, and content writers, utilize consumer market research to comprehend the habits and traits of the viewers. The data received is handy for the team and helps to create content that is attractive and appropriate for marketing.

Customer engagement

Consumer market research is the best way to interact with your audience and fulfill their needs. By recognizing the community of your audience, you will be able to identify the common traits among them which will upgrade your marketing strategy.

Customer Satisfaction Survey – CSS

The survey is conducted to explore the views of customers towards your business. It allows them to inform you about the extent to which they are satisfied with your products or services. This amplifies customer support and builds a pathway for your improvement as a business or enterprise. There are usually rating scales or direct questions placed in the survey and one can access the surveys instantly. This survey can enforce your knowledge when setting a marketing management plan.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

It is one of the most commonly used survey methods to know how happy and satisfied the clients are with your services and products. The feedback helps you to estimate the amount of highly satisfied clients.

Frequency of surveys

We ensure that relevant and reliable surveys are taking place regularly on your business website. The surveys are always available for clients after their purchase to obtain as much feedback as possible.

Industry Analysis

Creative Vision’s Business Management Advisory services also include an Industry Analysis which offers assessment tools to better understand the dynamic of a competitor in the industry. It provides a sense of demand-supply statistics, state of competition with other industries, degree of competition, future prospective, technological changes, the influence of external factors, and credit system in the industry.

Porter’s 5 Forces

It includes the threat of entrants, intensity of rivalry, bargaining power of buyers & suppliers, and substitute of goods.

PEST Analysis

PEST stands for Political, Economic, Social, and Technological factors that need to be considered during analyzing.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats which can be from an internal or external part.

Product Research

Initially, product market research evaluates new testing ideas which help to eliminate unwanted ideas, allows concentrating on specific money spending and time to achieve the best chance of commercial success. It is a simple version of getting customer feedback at the initial stage of business as Minimum Viable Products (MVP) and informs various aspects related to marketing.

Early Stage Testing

The testing new product requires additional options as reality can be different from theoretical elements.

Test Soft Launches

A soft launch evaluates market demand after considerable investment to identify the requirements.

Product in Market

After product market research and understanding of competing products, one can launch their product into the market.

Market Screening

Market screening determines the process of exploring the relevant details about a particular tradable asset. It enables determining the real cost price of the asset that helps businesses to avoid adverse transactions. Thus, this method scan all the desirable environmental factors based on undesirable preclude marketplaces and it constitutes one of the fundamentals of our investment advisory services.

Desirable Market

Desirable marketplaces are considered to have profitability, Risk spread, Growth, or Economies of Scale.

Market Research & Analysis

It calculates the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats available in international markets.

Choice of Enrolling

Before enrollment, identification of international buyers, demands, targets, positions are measured.

Global Market

This marketing identifies 4 mixtures of key factors which are Place, Price, Products, and Promotions.


Creative Vision is an independent set of rules that reshapes your business acquaintance. It has emerged as a sovereign platform of consultancy to encourage your business to exist and flourish. Creative Vision is the name of potential that builds your Dream Empire.

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