Business Research – Competitor Analysis

  • What is Market Competitor Analysis?

Competitor analysis is an essential component of corporate strategy. It is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. This analysis provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context to identify opportunities and threats.

  • Steps for a Useful Competitor Analysis

  • Define the industry – scope and nature
  • Determine the competitors
  • Determine their key strengths / Weaknesses – for example price, service, convenience, inventory, etc
  • Our Competitor Analysis Deliverables

We perform a systematic and in-depth analysis of the strengths and limitations of your rival strategies. We create detailed, highly-researched profiles on your competitors which include – background, products or services offered, financial health, market share, distribution channels, personnel and infrastructural facilities.

  • Our Competitor Analysis Report Includes :


Location of offices, plants, and online presences
Ownership and organizational structure


Profitability , profit growth profile; method of growth (organic or acquisitive)


Products offered & new products developed.
Brands, the strength of brand portfolio, brand loyalty and brand awareness


Segments served, market shares, customer base, growth rate, and customer loyalty
Promotional mix and marketing strategy


Plant capacity, capacity utilization rate, age of plant


Number of employees, key employees, and skill sets
Strength of management, and management style
Compensation, benefits, and employee morale & retention rates

Marketing Strategies

Objectives, mission statement, growth plans, acquisitions, and marketing strategies