Business Research – Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • What is Customer Satisfaction Survey

A customer satisfaction survey is an instrument that helps companies measure their customers’ level of satisfaction with their product/service. They’re especially useful for identifying unhappy customers as well as those that love your brand so much they have the potential for being brand advocates.

  • Purpose of Customer Satisfaction Survey :

  • Understand Customers’ Expectations Understanding what your customers are valuing is a key point to define and prioritize the next steps of your product and/or service.
  • Improve Customer Retention A large part of your unsatisfied customers won’t complain about what is bothering them unless they’re asked. Showing your customers you know the problems and are already working on them will improve customers’ retention.
  • Learn How to Identify and Treat Detractors It’s customary for effective satisfaction surveys to use rating scales – instead of asking your customers simple “yes” or “no” questions, you ask them to rate their satisfaction with a specific aspect on a 1 to 10 scale. Using scales to measure customer satisfaction makes it a lot more practical to measure changes in satisfaction over time.
  • Next steps to improve your Customer Satisfaction Measuring and tracking your overall customer satisfaction is the first and most important step towards creating amazing experiences.
  • What Makes Our Customer Satisfaction Survey the Best :

Clear and Specific ( goal of the Survey )
5 to 10 Questions (1 to 2 mns)
Digital Format , Written Format and over phone calls.
Clear Result / DATA in graphical and tabulated format

Premium features

Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal
01- Survey Setup

Understanding Business Needs & Goals.

02- Survey Design

Develop appropriate guidelines & questionnaires

03- Identify Method

Pick the Most effective Survey Method (online, email, Telephone, etc.)

04- Information Collection

Execute the survey on the chosen method

05- Survey Scanning

Convert the Data Captured into the required Formats

06- Survey Analysis

Extract insights based on correlation test and statistical analysis

07- Present Results

Present Results in tabulated & Graphical Format