Business Research – Industry Analysis

  • What is Industry Analysis ?

Industry analysis is a market assessment tool used to understand the competitive dynamics of an industry. It helps get a sense of what is happening in an industry.

  • What Is the Purpose of Industry Analysis?

Industry analysis and the associated skills used to carry out industry analysis are absolutely critical for your business, as they will help you gain an intimate understanding of the environment within which you’re operating, and can be used  :

  • To Predict Performance
  • In Positioning of your Business
  • To Identify Threats & Opportunities
  • Our Industry Analysis Deliverables

We offer a complete overview of your industry – the underlying forces at work, attractiveness of the industry, and your position vis a vis other companies that produce related products or services. We help you formulate the right strategy for long-term success by doing an in-depth analysis of your industry, structure and forces at play, critical factors for success, strengths and limitations of your competitors and industry trends that will turn into potential opportunities.

We provide Three types of Industry Analysis :

  • The Competitive Forces Model, also known as Porter’s 5 Forces.
  • The Broad Factors Analysis, also known as PEST Analysis.
  • SWOT Analysis.