Logo and Brand Identity:

Logo identifies the business and creates an image in a simplest form, it is also known as icon. Similarly brand identity is an emotional corporation or collection of elements contains all visual aspects to form a brand. It is completely different from brand image or branding.
  • Type of Logo and Brand Identity in the UAE

Logo and Brand Identity provides supports to build valuable asset for the company. it includes creating unique product according to users demand, choosing a perfect name of the business, designing professional logo, cards, templates, and website. Developing brand attributes, taglines, and providing best possible services to the customers. Logo and Brand Identity or consistently brand presentation increases over 23% revenue per month. The core component is to shape brand archetype, describes characters that conveys the brand personality in a sophisticated manner.

  • Benefits of Logo and Brand Identity in the UAE

  • Helps to influence customers
  • Creates customer loyalty
  • Helps to extend the business
  • Protects against competitors
  • Creates bigger identity
  • Introduce new products
  • Increases the overall worth of the company
  • Elements of Logo and Brand Identity in the UAE

  • Concept of a foundational idea that is behind the brand building.
  • Values or sustainability that company embrace.
  • Visual Branding is a visual symbol of the brand like a logo
  • Mission & Vision are content that thoroughly explains the objectives and goals.
  • Quality of words that delivers beyond the quality of service or product and it creates value to the customer.
  • Customer Experience provides end-to-end intangible elements of the services and products as the product is developed to have fun while using.
  • Culture establishing that emerges around the brand
  • Legacy is a story that tells the history of the brand and expressed with best storytelling techniques.
  • Our Logo and Brand Identity

  • Logo or word mark
  • Variation of logos
  • Key brand colors along with color palette
  • Typographic treatments
  • Typefaces
  • Style of images & content
  • Library of graphical elements
  • Style guides