Business Research – Market Screening

  • What is Market Screening ?

Market scanning is the process of continually and actively monitoring the external environment in order to identify customer needs, anticipate competitive actions, and, identify technological changes which will provide new market opportunities or market disruptions.

Market screening is a useful first step for retailers or developers who are trying to identify the best locations in a large geography. … In other words, we can locate the geographic areas which have a profile similar to your target customer and provide the greatest opportunity for expansion.

  • Purpose Product Research Deliverables :

There are many purpose for a Market Screening service , the main strategic purposes are :

  • Expansion Strategy
  • Acquisition Strategy
  • Our Market Screening Service Deliverables :

We believe that entrepreneurs are vital to the health and stability of any nation as they are a key element in job creation and fuel economic growth in local communities and markets. We help investors to allocate their investments in start-ups and high-growth SME companies, and to create new portfolio items. Our Market Screening Services Helps :

  • Grow your existing business through improved market screening
  • Develop and validate new business opportunities
  • Integrate business development and go-to-market strategies within portfolio companies

Our Service Deliverables :

  • Internal Assessment (Basic needs )
  • Market Assessment (SIZE , PEST)
  • Competition Analysis
  • Proposed Strategy
  • Final Recommendation

Competitor Analysis

  • Market Share
  • Competitive Environment

Measure Market Potential

Current Sales, Income Elasticity
Quality of Workforce, Infrastructure

External Environment

Government Regulations
Market Structure

Internal Environment

  • Size / amount of Resources
  • Type & Nature of Industry
  • New Market Knowledge