Corporate Services – PRO & Assistance Services

  • PRO Services

  • Dubai Immigration, Ministry of Labor ,We assist you throughout the Dubai immigration process for both individuals and Families.
  • Documentation Translation & Notarization Services We provide notarized translation services. We take care of official documents, contracts and all kinds of applications that require validation.
  • Trademark Registration To obtain complete protection and to stay unique issue trademark registration that can secure your brand name, icon slogan and more.
  • Product Registration Our product registration services cover all the import, export products and services that come under Dubai cooperation.
  • Business Center EJARI Being the experts in business setups, you can rely on us if you are looking to build a virtual office/ EJARI. Providing a physical address, a space, contact details, business sustainability contact are some of our services.
  • RTA We Provide All RTA services , Driving License issuing and Renewal process
  • VISA
    1 .Employment Visa
    2 .Family Visa
    3 .Tourist Visa
    4 .Maid Visa
  • Assistance Services

  • VAT Services Our partners being in the industry for 10+ years, guides GCC companies in handling VAT tasks. We make it easy for your organization to handle complexities by managing VAT and providing appropriate consulting.
  • Book keeping We help you reduce finance and accounting costs by providing bookkeeping services. We offer complete account management and assistance required for you in tax preparations.
  • Office Space & leasing Assistance (EJARI) As one of the leading business service providers CV helps you set up office space for your company in UAE. We make it possible for you with a quick and smooth procedure
  • Open Bank Account We bring out the best and reliable option to open a bank account in Dubai.
  • Liquidation Report Closing your company operations in UAE? CV can help you with liquidation reports.
  • Audit Report We help enterprises by delivering audit reports following the entire audit process. Our Partners will cover all the factors which are relevant to your organization’s assets and liabilities to learn the financial status of the company.