Business Research – Product Research

  • What is Product Research?

Product research provides information on the specific and required characteristics of a service or a product.  This form of research basically answers the following questions:

  • Whether the offered service or product will be successful in the market?
  • What are some of the similar products present in the market?
  • What are the best ways to start, develop, and sell your own products or services?
  • What Is the Purpose of Industry Analysis?

Competitive edge  Organizations that perform regular research on products always excel in the global market and stay ahead of their competitors.

Innovation  The growing importance of product research also lies in the fact that it offers the scope of innovation that can help in developing technologies of high value.

Goal endorsement  It is always good to have clear business goals for the success of any products or services. For example, if the same product or service is provided without any goal to flourish, then there is a high probability that the business takes a back seat.

  • Our Industry Analysis Deliverables

Our research team does the crucial product research to help businesses understand what customers want so that they can tailor their products and services accordingly. We do an unbiased, reality check of the industry to see if there is a sustainable market for your new product and analyze related products or services already in the market. This helps businesses avoid making expensive mistakes in the long run. Our Product Research Service includes :

  • Potential Buyers Survey
  • Competitor Product Analysis
  • Product Potential
  • Product Analysis ( Features , Testing , etc.)
  • Product Strategy

Usability Assessment

Usability testing helps you put the finishing touches on your product. This includes honing your branding, design, copywriting ,etc.

UX Refinement

user experience (UX) defined as the user’s entire journey of using your product. This includes every touch point they have with your brand. We refines the UX of your products by conducting surveys, conducting moderated testing sessions,

Feature Prioritization

Split testing landing pages is a great approach to prioritizing your feature set.

Product Concept

Prototyping is ideal for testing value propositions, onboarding flows, and feature sets. A prototype can be as simple as a static landing page that displays the value propositions of the product

Competitive Overview

learn what users are currently doing to solve the problem your product solves. Getting feedback on competing products can also help you identify gaps in the market.

User Discovery

Validating that users have a given problem and getting initial feedback on solution ideas by conducting surveys and interviews.