Companies nowadays rely extensively on social media marketing in their digital marketing strategy. However, there is sometimes a gap regarding the perceived value of the social media customer service between the companies providing the service and the consumers receiving the service.

Social Media Marketing

Companies may think they are performing well with their customer service through online marketing, however, their consumers may be dissatisfied. In order to succeed in social media marketing, companies should follow certain rules and avoid certain common mistakes made along the way.

The first important rule companies should respect when implementing their social advertisement is to successfully create a conversation with online consumers. Here comes the role of the community manager who should respond to all comments while encouraging more of them. He should use a specific tone of voice when driving conversations and he should keep asking questions to keep the conversation going. Not to forget that listening should be an important part of the process to understand the concerns and needs of consumers.

As progressing in social media management, the community manager may come across questions followers would ask, each question should be answered in a satisfying way. Negative comments should be well welcomed because an appropriate response can turn the situation around and generate a positive impact. Appreciation should be expressed toward customers who take the time to engage with you, and while your tone of voice can be sometimes humorous, avoid taking any risks when it comes to the language you choose to address your community with. Always be polite and aim for simplicity.

Social media marketing is a part of digital marketing that can enhance your marketing campaign unless you make some mistakes along the way. Some of the common mistakes encountered in social media management are for instance not answering comments in real-time, or not having a back-up plan in case a negative comment goes viral.  Once you have built trust with your community, stay in touch with them to maintain this trust, and go further to build long-term relationships. Finally, don’t forget to rely on different social media management software to track engagement and gain insights.