Consumers are always looking to satisfy their personal needs or wants through products or services that could respond to those needs whether in a tangible or intangible way. The tangible response is when the product or service can directly respond to a certain need or want because it is a necessity in consumers’ life. The intangible response is related to how consumers feel when buying a certain product or service and this aspect of the process is related to the brand name established by the company offering this product or service.

Accordingly choosing a product or service to satisfy a specific need or want goes beyond its direct utility to reach an intangible aspect that defines the choice of consumers between different available products or services. In consequence, the marketing team of a company should work on the brand image as much as working on the product functionality or the service utility.

Many strategies can be adopted to reach that goal and fortify the brand image in the mind of consumers by raising awareness and communicating the brand values that certain consumers would adopt as their own and buy the product or service. One main strategy that can be adopted goes under the umbrella of online advertisement and online marketing which is defined by a social media marketing strategy combined with a social media management strategy that aim to strengthen the brand image because of social media impact on consumers.

For a positive social media impact on consumers, the marketing team can set an online marketing strategy to reach consumers that nowadays spend much of their time online. This strategy includes posting creative and valuable content frequently that would grab the interest of consumers, provide them with value, or simply entertain them. This content that aims at having a positive social media impact on consumers should be supported by a well-defined social media management strategy where all the comments generated by the posts should be well responded to while trying to keep the conversation going with consumers which would make the marketing team know more about who those are in order to be able to offer them better offers in the future.

A well-established interaction with consumers is also beneficial to social media marketing to give the post more reach since when the social media algorithm comprehends that the post is generating comments written by online surfers it will understand that it is valuable to them and will consequently expand its reach. On the other hand, not only positive comments should be responded to in the social media management process, but also the negative ones to protect the brand image from being deteriorated and to try to win back those customers that are not satisfied.

Finally, social media marketing is one of the many known marketing strategies that could have a positive impact on consumers’ behavior.