Working from home has been trending since the appearance of Covid-19 which resulted in many changes in the way businesses operate due to the fear of spreading the virus among employees. Those changes appeared on many levels and had many consequences such as customers couldn’t visit stores anymore to buy what they wanted but had to place their orders online, and similarly employees couldn’t go to the office.

Companies were searching for an alternative to keep going while they were facing many economic problems with the recession that emerged due to the pandemic and the decreased purchasing power of their customers due to the fact that many of them lost their jobs. One of the adopted solutions to prevent closure was to allow employees to work from home. Consequently, working from home, a practice that existed since the emergence of online businesses escalated and this new trend revealed many related advantages and disadvantages.

Many employees felt more comfortable working from home while others missed working from the office. The first advantage of work from home is that employees don’t have to feel watched all the time by other employees or by their managers. The second advantage is that they can work at their own pace as long that they are delivering projects on time. The third advantage is that they don’t have to wake up early in the morning to get prepared to go to work and they also save time spent on the roads going and coming back from work. The fourth advantage is that additionally to saving time, they also save money by economizing on fuel spending and even on buying new clothes repeatedly to always be well-dressed at work. 

On the other hand, working from home is also affiliated with many disadvantages such as employees can be distracted or lose focus easily. They can be distracted by other family members such as kids if present at home during working hours. The second disadvantage is that for an online business to run smoothly, the internet connection should be available all the time without any interruption which isn’t always the case in some countries. The third disadvantage is the lack of human interaction which can make a person lose some of his social skills. The fourth disadvantage is related to the problem of communication that could occur during online meetings when the sound is unclear or when employees forget to mute their mics or forget their camera on unintentionally when not needed and similarly the opposite can also happen.

In conclusion, the number of online businesses seems to continue to multiply in the future because it also presents a major advantage for companies since it allows them to save money spent on depreciation of office material, but also on office expenses and on employees’ transportation.