The global economy is likely to suffer long-lasting effects caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, now that the vaccines are here, faster recovery is expected especially in developed countries.

Covid-19 has negatively affected the education sector, caused a tremendous loss of jobs, and led to major instabilities in poor countries. Now that we are back on track, decades shall pass before everything goes back to normal.

Nevertheless, some jobs are gone forever. Nowadays, robots are being used in the manufacturing and service sectors, a process that initially started to protect employees from the spread of the disease. People who are less educated or belong to minorities may find it more difficult to find a job in the future. Working from distance is a new trend that started with the pandemic but that is also likely to stay after the pandemic is over, due to reduced expenses.

Other economic conditions that resulted from the pandemic are a major shift in stock markets, recessions affecting most countries, a contraction in the travel industry and in the hospitality sector, and the appearance of new habits such as shopping from home. Among the winners from this crisis are pharmaceutical companies.

Finally, all these economic indicators seem to point that the economy in the future will know a major transformation and will not be similar to what it was before the pandemic.